Tan Phu Cat Lai faces difficulty because of 7,000 plastic containers and waste paper backlog

Tan Phu Cat Lai faces difficulty because of 7,000 plastic containers and waste paper backlog

Saigon Newport Corporation recommends the state management agencies to take measures to limit the amount of plastic / scrap imported to Vietnam.

According to information from Saigon New Port Corporation, starting from June 1, 1818, this unit will stop receiving plastic containers / scraps from other domestic ports (including ports). of the TCSG system) to the port of Tan Cat Cat.

Regarding paper containers / resin scraps imported directly at Tan Lai port and Hiep Phuoc New port (TCHP), from 1/6/2018, TCSG only proceed unloading from the ship after the customer presents enough paper The import permit of a goods lot issued by a competent authority is still valid and the document commits a specific time of receipt. In cases where there are not enough documents as required, the shipping company and the coordinating customers to transfer the port of unloading of these lots to other ports shall avoid causing passivity when releasing ships, thus causing time and expense for the parties. involve.

TCSG said that from 10/6/2018 to 30/9/2018, the port owner will stop receiving all plastic scrap imported directly at these two ports.

In addition, TCSG requested the General Department of Customs to allow the port owner to transfer more than 90 days of plastics waste / scrap residues in Cai Lai New Port to storage at the facilities of the TCSG system such as Tan Hiep Phuoc port, Nhon Trach New ICD and ICD Tan Binh Long. At the same time, the State Bank of Vietnam (ICIS) has asked the State management agencies to take measures to limit the import of plastic and scrap goods to Vietnam.

It is known that over time, ministries and sectors have tightened the licensing of imports of plastics / scrap paper into the territory of Vietnam leading to the situation that many shipments have arrived in Vietnam but can not do The procedure leads to the situation of congestion at the seaport.

Specifically, at the Tan Cang port of Cat Lai – the largest container port in Vietnam is about 7,000 TEU plastic scrap / scrap and more than 3,000 other items have warehouses over 90 days (occupy 10% of the total capacity of yards ).

In addition, according to information from some major shipping lines in the world, a large amount of waste will continue to pour into Vietnamese seaports after the goods are not allowed to enter China.

“If there is no fundamental solution to address this problem, long-term inventory will continue to increase, causing local congestion at seaports,” the Saigon New Port executive said.

Source: vpas.vn

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